Monday, February 20, 2012

Updaten Sie!

Annoyingly, manufacturer's have continued to create new and interesting computer components that people can purchase (dastardly!).  Because of this capitalist, money-grubbing drive to "innovate" and "make things which are cool" I've been forced to update some of the previous posts here.  The older GPU post has been changed slightly to reflect some newer developments (I'm writing a whole new post once this GPU generation firms up), as have the HDD/SSD and CPU/Motherboard posts.

Also, we're closing in on the mark for the next PC Build thread, and I've got all the old pictures and stuff from the build gallery assembled and formatted for the new thread.  It's likely that the OP content will just be some basic stuff, including the "where to buy" type advice, with any and all component recommendation type stuff redirected here.  It'll be simpler that way, as I won't have to update multiple posts of info.

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