About This Blog

PC Building for Penny Arcadians is an outgrowth of the surprise smash-hit Computer Build Thread on the Penny Arcade forums (soon to be a Major Motion Picture!).

As beloved as our previous vBulletin forum software was, it was apparently dying faster than an octogenarian who kills time between heroin fixes with a 3 pack a day smoking habit.  The move to Vanilla has brought many things, including a bright, cheery color scheme that makes the constant cynicism of our online hangout vastly more jarring, along with a lowered maximum character count for posts.  Undoubtedly this contributes in some way to one of Tube's many sinister plans, but the more immediate issue is the inability to edit the OP posts for the aforementioned PC Build thread.

This blog solves that issue, sorta.  All the information I could ever be forced, by my own conscience or by the rule of law, to include in the OP for the PC build thread can instead be found here, to use, abuse, or ignore at your own discretion.

If, by chance, you've reached this blog and are not a member of the Penny Arcade community, please close your eyes and navigate away from the page by clicking randomly until you've closed the tab, window, or managed to hit the "Back" button.  Or stay and see if maybe there's something here you can use.  Your call, really.