Saturday, August 13, 2011

Because Vanilla Robs Me Of Creative Freedom!

I'm not so good with title case, okay?

Anyway, as you may have seen me complain about (frequently) in the past few weeks on the forums, our new Vanilla forum software has changed the maximum character count on forum posts from whatever it was that I can't remember to something very, very low by comparison.  This has left the PC Build Thread OP with a problem:  I can't update the OP with additional information, or with changes to my previous statements or recommendations.  So, from here on out I'll be using this here blog-a-ma-bobber as the venue for both the informational component guide type stuff in the OP, and the PA Build Gallery.  The current information in the OP will remain, and if the character count changes I will be right back in there updating the info, but for now the most up to date information will be here.  Hell, I may get the urge to comment on other computer type stuff too, who knows.

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